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    “Our Special OFFERS get you more beauty for less”

    Get Smooth This Winter.. Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal  ~ Buy 1 Get 1 FREE 

    Age-Less.. With Our Amazing Non-Surgical Facelift Visible Results After Each Session~ Less Than Half Price 

    Ex-foliate & Stimulate Your Skin.. With Our Unique Facials  & Diamond Micro-dermabrasion ~ Less Than Half Price


    Choice of One Area Per Session £15
    Upper lip/ Chin/ Jawline/ Fingers/ Toes/ Nipples

    Choice of Any One Large Area Per Session NOW only £39
    Face, Neck, Underarms, Half Arms, Half Legs, Upper Lip & Chin, Stomach, Chest, Half Back, Fingers & Toes, Hands, Feet, Buttocks

    Choose Any Area 6 Sessions NOW Only £199 + Get 1 Area 6 Sessions FREE (Choose from: Underarms/ Bikini Line/ Upper lip & Chin)
    Face/Neck (front)/ Neck (back)/ Half Arms/Half Legs/ Hands & Feet/ Chest/ Stomach/ Half Back

    Choose Any Extra-Large Area 6 Sessions NOW Only £299 + Get 1 Area 6 Sessions FREE (Choose from: Underarms/ Bikini Line/ Upper lip & Chin)
    Extra Large Areas: Full Legs / Full Arms/ Hollywood/Buttocks/ Face & Neck/ Chest & Stomach/ Full Back

    Any Facial Areas 6 Sessions Now Only £89
    Upper lip & Chin/ Upper lip & Jawline/  Chin & Jawline 

    Full Body 6 Sessions For Only £999 

    Full Body Including  Face & Neck £1200



    Choose Any Area 6 Sessions For Only £149
    Cheeks, Beard, Neck, Hands, Feet, Underarms, Shoulders, Half Arms, Half Back, Chest, Stomachimages (2)

    Cheeks & Half Neck 6 Sessions For Only £289

    Choose Any Extra-Large Area 6 Sessions For Only £299
    Full Back , Chest &  Stomach, Half Arms & Shoulders

    Men’s Body 6 Sessions For Only £1200
    (Includes: Full back, Shoulders, Half Arms, Chest, Stomach)




    Power Skin Repair Treatment ~ Now Only £15

    Advanced Antioxidant Facial ~ Now Only £15

    Skin Lightening Facial ~ Now Only £20 ~ Course of 6 NOW ONLY £99  

    Detox Facial – Cleanse, Tone & Massage ~ Now Only £25 

    Ultrasound Face  & Neck Treatment  ~ Now Only £35 ~ Course of 6  £199  


    Signature Non-surgical Facelift ~ Now Only £55 + Get 1 Free Micro-dermabrasion Treatment  

    Course of 6 £299 + Get 6 Sessions Micro-dermabrasion Free 


    Diamond Micro-dermabrasion ~ Now Only £25 Each  or 6 Sessions For Only £120  + Get 2 Sessions Free When You Buy A Course Of 6



    For any specific areas that are not listed or if you would like to change your package then please do not hesitate to ask us.

    A male laser technician carries out all male treatments. Our technicians are fully qualified and have years of experience in the laser industry.

    Men’s treatments are carried out on specific days by appointments only.

    Terms & Conditions Apply, Limited Availability. Offers Can be Withdrawn at any time without notice


    Limited Availability To Book Please Call: 0121 440 0498 / 07424 990782